The Royal Cosplay Society Podcast

12.19.11 >  RCS Podcast Ep 01: introductions (MP3)

Overall introduction of the Royal Cosplay Society Podcast. In this episode, we introduce the podcast, the Royal Cosplay Society, and ourselves: the podcast’s hosts, Chelsea (Fantasyrhia) and Anya (AnyaPanda). In our Cosplayer Spotlight segment, we feature Anya’s cosplay idol, Hopie. Plus, in our storytime segment, we share some of our funniest convention-going and cosplay-related stories.

01.08.11 > RCS Podcast Ep 02: Con-Going 101 (MP3)

This episode focuses on the subject of “Con-Going 101.” We cover everything from what to bring (and not bring), to our “Con-Going Survival Guide.” In our Cosplayer Spotlight, we’ll be featuring Hee-Hee , (the twin of Hopie, who we featured last episode). And later, in our Story Time segment, we be share some of our craziest (and creepiest) con-going stories!

03.22.12 > RCS Podcast Ep 03: Cosplay For Beginners (MP3)

This episode of the podcast is centered around the topic of Cosplay For Beginners. With our guest host, Erin (Erin-Aru), we tackle everything from choosing your character based on your experience, to how you can go about putting your cosplays together. This episode’s featured cosplayer is our local superstar, Twinfools! During Storytime, we share our embarrassing tales back from our beginner days. Plus, a bonus derp reel at the end.

Segment list:

09.17.12 > RCS Podcast Ep 04: Prop and Accessory Construction (MP3)

In this episode, we have RCS member Lio sitting in for Chelsea. Topics such as recommended materials and construction techniques as well as pointers on posing with props and prop transportation are covered. Coslayer Lindzar is the subject of our Cosplayer Spotlight this episode, then we share our hilarious prop-related stories!

Segement list: