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Anya’s co-host for this episode!

The Royal Cosplay Society Podcast, Episode 3: Prop and Accessory Construction is here! In this episode, we have RCS member Lio sitting in for Chelsea. Topics such as recommended materials and construction techniques as well as pointers on posing with props and prop transportation are covered. Cosplayer Lindzar is the subject of our Cosplayer Spotlight this episode, then we share our hilarious prop-related stories!

The RCS Podcast, Episode 3 DOWNLOAD

Segment List:

00:33 – Lio’s introduction

Relevant links: Lio’s deviantART; Lio’s Tumblr

01:13 – First point for prop making: “the recycling bin is your friend”
02:15 – Choosing your prop/accessory wisely
04:40 – Google and tutorials
Relevant links: Anya’s Pokéball tutorial

05:19 – Props you should not attempt on your first try
05:46 – Breaking it down
06:05 – Things you should and should not do in general
07:59 – Recommended materials: craft foam
09:09 – The dollar store and cosplay
09:38 – Recommended materials: glue gun
12:12 – Recommended materials: cardboard
13:35 – Recommended materials: acrylic paint
15:59 – Recommended materials: gloss
17:25 – Recommended materials: duct tape
19:07 – Recommended materials: insolation foam
20:26 – Insolation foam vs. wood
21:31 – Choosing materials for your props
23:07 – Prop care
24:24 – Prop transportation
25:57 – Prop con life
30:37 – Posing with your props
31:38 – Cosplayer Spotlight: Lindzar
Relevant links: Lindzar’s deviantART gallery; Lindzar’s Tumblr

32:53 – Storytime
33:01 – Lio’s hammer story
33:54 – Anya’s Link sword story
35:22 – Derp reel

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            We’re back! We’ve had an unexpected hiatus over the last little bit, but now we’re back full force with cosplay updates and a brand new episode of the podcast!

            With Tsukino-Con 2012 over, we’ve all been left with quite a few new cosplays! For more, be sure to visit our deviantART accounts!

            As for the podcast, Erin (Erin-Aru) spent a few days around New Year’s with us, and during that time recorded an episode of the podcast with Chelsea and I! Despite it going through post production to come out past New Year’s, we’re still calling it our New Year’s show.

            This new episode of the podcast is centered around the topic of Cosplay For Beginners. We tackle everything from choosing your character based on your experience, to how you can go about putting your cosplays together. This episode’s featured cosplayer is our local superstar, Twinfools! During Storytime, we’ll be sharing our embarrassing tales back from our beginner days. Plus, a bonus derp reel at the end (this episode was recorded late on New Year’s Eve, so there’ll be plenty of half-awake laughs to go around)! You won’t want to miss it!

Episode 3 download:

The Royal Cosplay Society Podcast, episode 3: Cosplay For Beginners

Segment Shortcuts:

  • 01:05 – Erin’s Introduction

Relevant links: for more on Erin, visit:

  • 01:43 – Choosing your character
  • 02:14 – How to measure a character’s difficulty (“The Piece Tactic”)
  • 03:40 – Recommended series for the beginner cosplayer
  • 05:48 – Pacing yourself
  • 09:24 – Time management
  • 10:57 – Closet cosplay
  • 12:38 – Maximizing your resources
  • 15:20 – Things to stay away from
  • 16:35 – Using natural hair
  • 18:30 – Props
  • 19:36 – Online Stores

Relevant links:

Chelsea’s recommended wig sellers:

Anya’s (former) usual wig seller:

  •  23:47 – Commissions

Relevant links: Cosplay1 commissions (Anya’s recommended commission site):

  • 25:44 – Cosplayer Spotlight: Twinfools

Relevant linksTwinfools deviantART gallery:

  • 28:47 – Storytime: Beginner Stories
  • 28:49 – Anya’s “Peach and Rin Hair” beginner story
  • 31:17 – Erin’s “Triple Cosplay/Hair Dye Nightmare” story
  •  33:10 – Chelsea’s “Halloween Wig Horror” stories
  • 36:30 – New Year’s wishes/sign-off
  • 37:44 – Half awake derps


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            Episode 2 of the Royal Cosplay Society Podcast is now available! This episode will be focusing on the subject of “Con-Going 101.” We cover everything from what to bring (and not bring), to our “Con-Going Survival Guide.” In our Cosplayer Spotlight, we’ll be featuring Hee-Hee [], (the twin of Hopie [], who we featured last episode). And later, in our Story Time segment, we’ll be sharing some of our craziest (and creepiest) con-going stories! So please, don’t miss it!

Download here:

            Also, we are still looking for questions for the Q&A spin-off show we plan to do, so please, if you have any questions about the topic of “Con-Going 101,” or anything relating to our “Introductions” episode, please leave us a comment! Thanks!

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